Tobi B. Goldfus, LCSW-C, BCD


My Story

Tobi received her BA in psychology from George Mason University, her Masters in Social Work from Catholic University, and she has trained extensively in advanced clinical and strategic hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, psychoanalytic supervision and ego state therapy.  She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the American Board of Examiners of Clinical Social Workers (ABESW), the Greater Washington Area Society for Clinical Social Work (GWSCSW), the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), and the International Hypnosis Society (ISH).  She presents both nationally and internationally.

Tobi was raised in an atmosphere of hard work, faith, and the belief that change is possible, no matter what the circumstances.  Her father was a minister and mutual funds advisor, and her mother the author of several books on spirituality.  Tobi grew up in the Midwest.  She currently lives in Maryland with her husband, and they have a young adult son.

Working With Me

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in old patterns. You may think you are keeping up appearances, but others are noticing — you are noticing.  You want to feel that you are moving forward. You want to actually be moving forward.

Maybe you have tried talk therapy, read self-help books, blogged, taken a yoga class, and still, you are not sure how to proceed. You know there are ways to get there, but how?

Well, in my many years of experience I have learned that you have the solutions and the resources you need. Everyone does.  You have the strength, wisdom, and vision. Together, we can find ways to galvanize all of that hidden power.

Together we will look at what you have already tried — and, more important,  we will discover the key choice points that can make a difference as you try this time around.   There are steps and strategies you can begin to apply and practice right away. Yes, we will review the past, but only insofar as it helps you to build the present, and to create the trustworthy scaffolding you need for the future you desire.

People with whom I work discover myriad ways to lower anxiety and live life with more hope and energy.  What is mined in our sessions can be translated directly into daily life. Once new behaviors and perspectives become automatic and opportunities for change are welcomed (rather than resisted), success can become your new default mode!